Moissanite Clarity

  • FI-IF

    10x Magnification

    50x Magnification
    1. What is the clarity of Moissanite?

    For the purpose of comparison to natural diamonds, experts agree the clarity of Moissanite gemstones is equivalent to a VS diamond clarity grading. Needle-like inclusions are inherent to the Moissanite crystal growth process which can only be seen under magnification and are invisible to the naked eye.

  • 2. How is Moissanite graded for clarity?

    Using a 10x loupe, each individual jewel is examined for inclusions that may affect the optical performance of the jewel. Only Moissanite graded as "eye-clean" is available for sale.

    These inclusions are typically straight and parallel to the "C" axis and only visible under 10x magnification (50x magnification shown in picture).

  • 3. Does higher clarity Moissanite exist?

    IF or F clarity Moissanite does not exist despite the unscrupulous claims of some retailers.